Security Tips & Information



Some Basic information to keep you safe

Great tips to keep you, your family and your home safe and secure


  •   Don’t leave notes on your mailbox or doors.
  •   Use electric timers to maintain normal lighting even when you are away.
  •   Install a peephole.
  •   Ensure that your grass is cut while you are away.
  •   Never leave a spare key hidden outside. Burglars are familiar with typical hiding places.
  •   Have exterior lights illuminate all entrances to your home.
  •   For vacation, have mail and newspaper delivery stopped or have a neighbor pick them up.
  •   Keep shrubbery cut back far enough so your house and perimeter are visible from the street.
  •   Lock your doors even if you are home.
  •   If you valet your vehicle or leave it to be serviced, never leave your house key.
  •   Keep tools, ladders and trash cans locked away. Do not leave them outside.
  •   If you buy a new TV, stereo ETC, don’t advertise that you have it by throwing the box         outside. Cut the box up and dispose of it in a trash bag.
  •  Do not put your home address on luggage tags. Use a business address if you must, and always use your cellular number instead of your home number.
  •  Never post to Twitter or Facebook that you are going to be away, and while away, do not post pictures that show that you are.

Remember, a security system should not be relied upon all on its own.