• Burglar Alarm

    The burglar alarms that we install are of the best quality in the market. They are affordable and simple to use. We are sure that we can find a solution for you.


  • CCTV System

    A CCTV system is a great enhancement to any home or business. You can keep an eye on various services like landscapers, or pool service personnel. You can not only know what time your children arrived at home, but who they may have come in with. Cameras can be viewed from anywhere you have access to the internet including a Smartphone.


  • Fire Alarm

    The threat of fire is a real one. We not only install and monitor, but we service and inspect as well. If you have a fire system in a commercial environment, we are sure you know what we are talking about as your system needs to be tested at least annually.


  • Over 55? On a fixed income?

    We do not take advantage of your loyalty by raising rates year over year. Monitoring starts as low as $18 per month.

    At Omega Systems, your security is our concern. The relationship that our customers have enjoyed for over 25 years is a testament to the quality of our services, and our dedication to our customers. Contact us today for an appointment.

Omega Systems is a security services company with over 25 years of providing quality services to our customers.

We handle commercial and residential security systems with unparalleled professionalism. At Omega Systems, we customize systems to suit your needs.

Installing a monitored security system may also reduce your insurance costs.